Against All Logic – “Cityfade”

Enigmatic and inviting are two words that describe Against All Logic‘s 2012-2017 well.

Against All Logic is the alias for NYC producer Nicolas Jaar, who is known for his sample-based approach to dance and house music. Over the past few years he’s been gaining traction for his music but really turned heads last year with 2012-2017, issued as AAL. A compilation of instrumentals created by Jaar from, you guessed it, 2012 to 2017, the album has been hailed as one of 2018’s finest albums, an refined and danceable house record. I heard about all the hype and my curiosity brought me in.

And 2012-2017 knocks! Jaar has a good ear for samples, with many of the found sounds on the record cribbed from the ’60s, ’70s, and early ’80s, creating an evocative and retro feel with a futuristic edge. It sounds natural as Jaar locks into a groove and keeps things engaging, The record is quirky, fun, and full of confidence. I’m enjoying it!

“Cityfade” is my personal soundtrack from the record, an absolutely magnetic listen. In a weird but really dope move, Jaar samples a German chorus to provide the vocals, and hooks it up with a propulsive, sweeping, and exuberant instrumental. The claps, piano melody, and the ascendant mood makes this one a standout. It’s great for a running playlist, too.