Algiers – “And When You Fall”

Let me keep this simple: I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS DAMN BAND.

Algiers is singer Franklin James Fisher, guitarist Lee Tesche, and bassist Ryan Mahan. Originally from the South, the group came together while being thousands of miles apart, with all three members living and working abroad and emailing tracks and musical ideas to each other and sharing them online. Signed by Matador Records last year, they banded together and created their self-titled debut, which dropped this past June. On a recommendation from a friend, I dove in, and mannnn…

Algiers rocks. They’re a cerebral mix of punk rock, gospel, and violent mood swings. Fisher is an orator behind the mic, a terror-mad visionary darting through ideas and topics such as morality, protest, race, religion, and more. The album is an intense ride, sounding like you’re going to church in the middle of an LSD trip, and it’s simply wonderful. I’ve had the record on repeat for weeks now, it’s packed full of bold and decisive moments…it gets in your face, and in your head, and I love it. They play DC next month and you already know I’m all over that show!

Okay, so to introduce you to ’em, I wanted to play something fast and hard. “And When You Fall” fits the bill, with that raucous gathering feel, the chorus of voices, the claps, and Fisher damn near crooning. I like this record, I like it a lot. So hit play already, okay?