Anderson .Paak (feat. Sonyae Elise) – “Chosen One”

Anderson .Paak has blessed us again with the best teef in the game and the music to match!

So Anderson .Paak killed 2016. I mean, in a good way. The LA singer and songwriter known for his eclecticism had worked his way up over the years to blow up 3 years ago in the best way possible, landing on every album worth a damn that year and dropping his brilliant record, Malibu, one record that knocked me on my ass.

Andy really didn’t keep us waiting that long, and returned in 2018 with Oxnard, a pretty good record which distanced itself somewhat from Malibu‘s freewheeling genre-hopping to play it a bit funkier and closer to the chest. The record was a critical hit but left some fans (me included) lukewarm. So Andy quickly got to work, and earlier this year put out Ventura.

Now Ventura…Anderson did the damn thing! It’s a fitting return to form, and the record stands tall as one of the smoothest and dopest records dropped this year! Hell, he even got Andre 3000 and the late Nate Dogg (RIP) on the album, and their contributions are solid. The record is funky, fun, and confident. Andy’s on his shit and it all makes for a record that stands above the rest.

There’s a lot of great moments on Ventura, but THIS ONE is phenomenal. “Chosen One” is a bop, it’s just so addictive, fun, and bubbly as Andy goes in about his ideal woman, his chosen one. I’m in love with those subwoofer-like drums and the slick bassline, along with the singing from guest Sonyae Elise. But, it’s that BEAT SWITCH 90 seconds in which kicks this song into the stratosphere. The staccato drums. The hand claps. Anderson rapping a verse…I am floored! This one goes.