Billie Eilish – “My Strange Addiction”

If Billie Eilish ever gets sick of making music she’s got a hell of a career ahead of her in ASMR. I’m convinced.

If you don’t know, Billie is a new pop sensation who thundered onto the scene in 2019 with tons of hype and acclaim over her debut, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The teenager appeals to a real Hot Topic-y crowd (well, if Hot Topic still existed in 2019) with moody soundscapes, whispered vocals, and darkish lyrics. In fact, I get some old Tyler, the Creator vibes from Billie. Not as edgyyyyyy (gotta keep it clean for the top 40!), but still very much an introverted, nervy kid with a big imagination, a less-than sunny disposition, and some good production to go with it.

In fact, that last bit is an understatement: Thanks to Billie’s collaborative partner, producer FINNEAS, her music absolutely knocks. Like, damn! The two have great synergy (well they should, seeing as how they’re siblings), making for a dark, intimate, and bass-heavy album that takes cues from trap, EDM, and pop. Everything is so damn loud and uncomfortably close, with Billie’s whispery voice being right in the center. FINNEAS employs a lot of neat audio techniques and odd samples to make it sound ever more off-kilter. I’d recommend headphones for this one.

“My Strange Addiction” crept its way into my playlist. It’s low-key and evocative with absolutely sonorous drum hits and its creepy, serial killer-like synth keys. I absolutely love the flourishes during the chorus. It’s a strange addiction for me (I hear your groans!).