Bipolar Bear – “Fuck Her”

Depression shouldn’t sound this jaunty.

For the past few days I’ve been putting some plays on Today I Found Happy, the debut of the eyebrow-raising group, Bi-Polar Bear. The duo of rapper Ugly Orwell and beatmaker/rapper August hail from Wisconsin, and keeping in the fine tradition of Midwestern rap, craft music which is caustic and damaged. Orwell and August bring one hell of a perspective to this kind of music, as both members suffer from bipolar disorder (hence the name), and on Today I Found Happy they chuck their meds out the window and unload some baggage. The record is a very cathartic listen, as Orwell tackles inner demons and ruminates on the state of his life and condition over beats crafted by August, which veer from one extreme to the next. It all comes together as an incisive record, the aural equivalent of pulling off a band-aid over, and over, and over again.

And I mean that in the best possible way.

Now on my previous blog I wrote about a particularly upbeat listen from the record, “Love Begins to Die,” a rather bouncy song about suicide, but today I wanted to focus on the album opener, entitled “Fuck Her.”

You know how I mentioned before that the record is like pulling a band-aid off repeatedly? Well, “Fuck Her” is a prime example. Here you’re listening to aural venom, as Orwell flies completely off the handle in recounting a previous relationship with a damaging woman. Every word is delivered with loathing, as Orwell hates himself for staying with her so long and being too weak to leave as she continued to worm her way into his soul and stick bamboo rods under his fingernails. August provides an aggressive sound which compliments the vitriol, making for a wonderful introduction to the group. It’s one hell of power track.

Oh, and while you’re checking out Today I Found Happy, be sure to check out their second record, When Ledge is Home, which just dropped this month. I need to pick that one up, myself.