Bodega – “How Did This Happen!?”

Modern life sucks, and Bodega is just calling it as they see it.

Bodega is a Brooklyn (cuz, of course) punk-pop quintet made up of singers Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfiglio, bassist Heather Elle, guitarist Madison Velding-VanDam and drummer Montana Simone, who released their debut, Endless Scroll, last year. The title of the record already raises my eyebrow, as the band makes it crystal clear that they’ve got…issues with how things are, especially our relationship with technology, capitalism, and self-aggrandizement. Throughout Endless Scroll Bodega attacks these ideas with gusto, highlighting how numbing and bewildering modern life can be (shouts to Devo), with bluntness and deadpan humor. I love how Belfiglio’s voice darts around Hozie’s as she comes in to drive home the message, adding to the frenetic vibe. The energy is great, the instrumentation is punchy, and there’s some really catchy listens. Endless Scroll is a pleasant surprise, and I’m interested in seeing where Bodega goes next.

“How Did This Happen!?” is the album opener and one of my favorites from the album. I dig that driving bass and drum beat! Hozie wastes no time getting into the guts of the matter, saying on the hook that we’re all masters and slaves, constantly in control of our technology and online profiles but thoroughly glued to them while we watch the world burn. I appreciate how upfront they are here, cuz I’ve ranted about similar things but definitely haven’t made it sound as dope and fun as this!