Buddy – “Find Me”

This is that vibe! Buddy is a rapper out of Compton who has been on a steady come-up in 2017, releasing a slew of singles, EPs, and collaborative works. With his simple name, you might be not so inclined to look out for this dude, but once you hear him on a track you’ll know that he’s got something distinct about him. Buddy’s career got a jump-start a few years back when he caught the attention of Pharrell Williams, landing a place on the legendary artist’s i am OTHER media imprint, and hasn’t wasted any time in making himself known to the world. He definitely caught my attention with his single “Shine,” a slick and soulful listen which had him coming with some strong songwriting and a good mix of rapping and singing. In early 2017 he teamed up with the ultra-dope Canadian producer Kaytranada (who had a fantastic debut record you should hear) to release Ocean & Montana, a promising EP with Kay’s snappy beats and Buddy’s lyricism, which flows between tales of running the streets of L.A. and deep introspection.

“Find Me” is a smooth as hell listen, just the type of soundtrack to get lost in, perfect for smoke sessions and long drives. On this one Buddy takes you into his world, sharing more about his fractured mindstate, touching on his aloofness, his isolation, doubts, and his yearning for someone who can see through the haze to find him. Kaytranada’s beat matches the mood perfectly with a subtle knock, agitated keys, and sky-reaching swells which gel with Buddy’s sung hooks. The video is a trip as well, with Buddy literally car surfing in the skies (and Kay has a nice cameo too, speaking in French at the end). I like this one. Let’s hope Buddy really shines brightly soon.

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