Child Actor – “If You Loved Me”


This post isn’t about Cory Feldman. Sorry.

Child Actor is the duo of Max Heath and Natalie Plaza (replacing the original vocalist Sedgie Ogilvy) whose slickly-produced sounds have taken over my ears in short order. I stumbled onto the group via Blue Sky Black Death, AKA one of my most favorite groups ever, and thanks to their frequent collaborations with BSBD I decided to give their 2012 debut LP Victory a listen. From the jump I was taken in by the striking combination of Heath’s large and lush sounds, heavy on the synths and kitchy ’80s vibe crossed with an indie-pop flair, and the wispy, ethereal vocals of Ogilvy. The record has a dreamy and vast feel to it, and Sedgie’s vocals add a vulnerable and emotional edge which gels well with the music. Several tracks from Victory have stuck with me for a while, and I’ll be following what this group does next.

I bounced between a few tracks from Victory as well as their pretty awesome new EP Promise which came out last week (and you should really download as I’m most definitely digging Plaza’s vocals and the updated and more upbeat sounds from Heath), but “If You Loved Me” from Victory was calling me. It was the listen that really got me hooked on this group. The dreamlike and spacy soundscapes, the tender delivery from Sedgie, and the quirky and pleasant but conflicted feel of the track…it’s a highlight.