Collarbones – “Losing”

Die Young, the second record by the Australian indie band Collarbones is one record I keep on returning to. Steeped in nostalgia and long-distant memories of your teenage years--particularly the breakups, loss, awkwardness, and all the hurt that coming of age brings--the record embraces a stark, hazy and yet familiar feel…somewhat ’90s pop and R&B inflected, but with plenty of synths and lo-fi electronic outbursts. It’s an interesting listen, standoffish, different,cold…It’s like that kid in the back of your 10th grade history class who kept to himself and gave off that air of mystery and the rumors went around that he got kicked out of his last school for reasons that differ depending on whoever’s whispering about him. It’s that kind of record.

“Losing” is one of my favorites from the record, a song I’ve kept on my playlists for a while now, which somehow pulls off the feeling of being both heartfelt and distant at the same time. It’s pensive, mournful, but the beat is grand and builds in determination. In a word, it’s conflicting, and hell, isn’t that what being a teenager is?

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