Cozz – “Cody Macc”

Damn, where’s Cozz at, man?

Los Angeles rapper Cozz (not to be confused with the other dope L.A. rapper with a similar name) is a young dude with a lot of potential. Getting into the game around 2013 he landed a major coup early in his career, with his demo reaching the ears of rap star J.Cole. Impressed by the kid’s talent, Cole immediately signed the then-20 year old rapper to his label, Dreamville Records, and the next year Cozz put out his debut, Cozz & Effect. The album is an underrated effort, which features Cozz spittin’. And I mean spittin’. The dude jumps into matters with both feet, delivering lyrical heatwaves with a palpable hunger. There are moments and verses on this record where Cozz shows immense promise, with slick lines and a commanding aura, spraying like it’s his one chance to wreck shit. While not every track on Cozz & Effect connects, the moments that do, do, and this record will leave you wanting to hear more from him.

And three years later, I’m still waiting for a proper follow-up. In early 2016 he dropped the mixtape Nothin’ Personal, but as for a proper follow-up there’s still no LP yet, though he’s been teasing new music for a minute. Maybe this year.

“Cody Macc” is the listen from his debut which made my ears perk up. Over an airy, ethereal beat Cozz puts in work, announcing his arrival and mentioning he’s got the city and the world waiting on him to blow up. In his first verse he makes it seem almost effortless with his smooth delivery, but what really gets my head nodding is his the second verse where Cozz ramps up the energy and gets more intense, rhyming faster, harder, and hungrier, commanding your attention with every line. Shit, he even makes the sing-songy bars towards the end of this verse sound hard as hell. Simply put, Cozz goes in, and lends some credence to his boast that with his lyrical skills he’ll be chilling by 40.

…Well, if he puts out some new music soon. One can hope.

Oh. Literally 5 minutes after finishing this post, just noticed his new album, Effected, drops next week. HEY NOW.