Daniel Caesar – “We Find Love”

Here’s one to put you in your feelings!

There’s a lot going for Daniel Caesar‘s Freudian. The debut of the Canadian (shoutout!) singer-songwriter has been on a steady burn for me for a minute now, with it’s gloriously smooth R&B beats, a terrific sense of style and self, and confident, powerful singing from Caesar and some strong guests like Kali UchisSyd, and H.E.R. It’s a fulfilling record in direction and sound, and Caesar’s ruminations on love and loss. His background in gospel music enriches the soul and feel of the album as well, with some really graceful performances and arrangements. It’s thoughtful, well-composed, and personal.

“We Find Love” is a standout in an album full of them. To put it simply, it’s a breakup song (you know I love ’em), with Caesar on the receiving end, dealing with unrequited love in the way he knows best: On a track. Here, Caesar mentions the fragility of love, and how it easy it is for it to stumble. He wonders about why they gave up so easily, but also reveals his self-doubt and reveals that his world has been crumbling since the day he met her. There is a sense of tenderness, sadness, and, in it’s definitive piano melody and outstanding chorus of voices, a sense of power and perseverance. Caesar makes heartbreak and loss an empowering moment, and the song fills you with a bit of reassurance and warmth despite all the tragedy. It’s an overwhelming and outstanding piece of music.

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