David Dallas – “Ring a Bell'”

I’m so happy David Dallas is back.

Though his last name is Dallas (real name, no gimmicks), D-dot ain’t from Texas, but hails from the faraway land of New Zealand, and if the rest of NZ hip-hop is this tight, I need to make a visit damn near yesterday. It was Dallas’s sophomore effort, 2011’s The Rose Tint, which made me a lifelong fan of his, a record which came outta nowhere to blow my mind with its smooth, opulent attitude and airtight production, courtesy of the production team Fire and Ice. Although Dallas was still fairly new to the game at the time, he approached the mic with an effortless cool, ready to take on the world. He followed up on his promise with 2013’s Falling Into Place, an album which furthered his reach, landing him one of his biggest hits to date with the awesome and powerful single, “Runnin’,” a joint which got a loooooot of play from me on release.

After that record Dallas was quiet for a bit, taking his time putting recording his next record together while dealing with family issues and label politics. In early 2017 he returned with his latest work, Hood Country Club, and let me say one thing: Dallas has not lost a beat. Hood Country Club has Dallas returning to form, still coming with polished production and that effortless cool that now he has down pat. Four years on, Dallas is wiser and more confident in his abilities. He knows his lane and really isn’t concerned about what others do, and as a result the record definitely has its own flair.

“Ring a Bell” is one of my favorites from the record, feeling something like a comeback listen of sorts, with Dallas reintroducing himself to the masses. His eminence speaks for itself, but for the uninitiated, get to know him. That name will ring a bell sooner or later.