Death Grips – “Bubbles Buried in This Jungle”

I said a while back that Death Grips makes great headache music, and guess what, ain’t shit changed!

There’s a certain kind of art to Death Grips. It’s a screeching, abrasive, and utterly profane mix of rap, punk, and noise, and the Sacramento party of producers Andy Morin, Zach Hill, and the downright schizophrenic emcee, vocalist, and madman Stefan Burnett have got this down to an exact science. The group has been consistent since their 2010 debut Exmilitary (aside from that time where they said they were gonna break up, but then dropped more music after) releasing several records and EPs with no rhyme or reason or any respect to decency (like the infamous cover to their album No Love Deep Web), and I mess with them. There’s at least one or two tracks from every project of theirs I keep on repeat. DG really checks those boxes for the type of music I lose my mind to: Unconventional, strange, and engaging, with a batshit crazy dude bringing it to you. It’s just great stuff all around.

Anyway, their latest album from last year, Bottomless Pit, is pretty dope, and this track is ridiculously great, with an overwhelming synth line, thundering drums, and Burnett going absolutely fuckin’ wild like he always does. Just the shot I need to get this year going.