Deluka – “Stranger Than Fiction”

I can’t lie, there are very few acts today which excite me as much as Deluka. I’ve mentioned them before, the four-member indie-rock/electronic band originally from the UK but now based in NYC, with the badass Ellie Innocenti on the vocals, dropping energetic and quirky listens with a lot of flair and attitude. Since their 2010 debut You Are The Night, the group has been steadily working on their music, and in 2012 they have returned with new shows, announcements of an EP in the works, and a handful of new songs as well. But for me,  it’s their first drop, “Stranger Than Fiction,” which is really holding my attention.

“Stranger Than Fiction” is one of those power moves, and one hell of an reintroduction to the group. From the moment those drums and dirty guitars kick in this one is absolutely relentless. It’s sweeping and cinematic, almost tailor-made for a kinetic trailer of your most awesome moments, be it whipping a 100-grand sports car through the desert at dusk or making a pot of coffee. Hell, when I run with this blaring in my ears I instantly feel like Usain Bolt, unlike my normal runs which usually end up like this. On the vocals Ellie orchestrates with bravado, delivering a captivating performance, and all in all, this track is brilliant, right down to the “intermittent” guitar chord at the end. This is one song I’ve had on replay for weeks now, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be ending any time soon.