El Guincho – “Costa Paraíso”


Now here’s an album that I wont shut up about!

Alegranza!, the second album by the Spanish artist El Guincho is another listen which is near and dear to my heart. Producer, deejay, and expert lullaby singer for children in his native home of Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Guincho became a critical darling  in 2008 with this record, and for good reason.  Alegranza! is an album of endless energy and joy. Utilizing dusty and spacey samples, syncopated rhythms, thundering drums, excited yells and woolly Spanish vocals, as well as elements of West African and South American beats the record feels like an endless ’60 party on some private beach in the Canaries… and guess what, you’re invited! It’s danceable, wild, and simply a whole lot of fun.

“Costa Paraíso” is a perfect example of just how raucous the party can be. Like most of the other joints on the record, “Costa Paraíso” is relentless with it’s sustained drums and grooves. Guincho’s vocals and trills are melodic and add to the experience, and the feel is light and carefree. I really love this listen.