Elements of Music (EOM) – “Jeremy’s Drug”.

Tonight I’ve been on a very smooth vibe, so I’ve been spending some time with Further, the recently released instrumental album by the Virginia producer Elements of Music (or just EOM for short). EOM has really been catching on with his compositions, both in his solo projects and collaborations with Ran, Dumbfoundead,  and the rising L.A. emcee Wax, whom EOM has worked with very closely since 2008… which reminds me, I definitely need to write about their song “Relax,” because I still can’t get over the fact that EOM sampled the classic Nickelodeon show Doug for that one (The Sleech Brothers theme? Really? Really? Well, I’m sold).

And I’ll be damned, looking some more info up about the dude he also produced Shad K‘s fantastic jam “Yaa I Get It.” Seriously? A top listen by one of my all-time favorite artists? yowza, EOM is after my heart right here.

Anyhow, back to Further. While beat tapes and instrumental records are all the rage on the Internets these days, with every dude who’s got FruityLoops or a beat machine or whatever dropping tons of stuff on their Youtubes and Bandcamps, Further is one listen I’ve gravitated towards. It’s more than those dime-a-dozen hot beat affairs, it’s a record that really opens up the further you dive into it, and you can get lost in the vibe and moods of the sounds. There’s substance here, and I’m really liking what I hear. “Jeremy’s Drug” is one of my favorites, a tempestuous and somewhat uneasy but assured listen. I love those keys and the dramatic musical swells that hit on each conclusion. A wonderful evening listen.