Greg Grease – “Flute Beat”

Well, the world didn’t end, so that gives me more time to listen to Greg Grease‘s debut album, Cornbread, Pearl and G.

Hailing from Minneapolis, the emcee and producer known as Grease hasn’t been on the scene all too long, but on his debut, Cornbread (the name a take on the 1975 flick Cornbread, Earl and Me) he steps like a giant, with smooth production and intelligent, inspired lyricism. Largely concerned with social issues, Grease speaks about the plight of those who deal with the street life, and the situations faced by the young and disenfranchised. Believe me, when he weaves these tales, you listen. The record caught my ear from the first beat thanks to Grease’s passionate approach to the affair. He plays it like jazz, as the record feels very free-form and airy, with ideas large and small floating around in the ether. It’s eclectic, methodical, and understated…every beat and verse holds weight. The record will definitely be one that’ll fly under the radar of many listeners but once you discover it, you’ll be digesting it for a good while. I know I will be.

“Flute Beat” was simply too beautiful a tune not to share. Grease flows like water, urging empowerment over destruction, and the production is appropriately easygoing and elemental. His hook of “I love my people, and I love my struggle, but we gotta go harder if we wanna see freedom” gives me that warm, safe feeling. This is simply good music.