Hannah Miller – “Help Me Out”

I came across the music of Hannah Miller in a way many people probably did: Through Danny Cook‘s video, Postcards From Pripyat, which went viral in mid-2014 for its stark imagery of Chernobyl set to Miller’s lonesome and haunting listen, “Promise Land.” It was a shot in the arm for the indie folk singer from Nashville, who had been performing easy, coffeeshop-style listens for years before she elected to create songs with more energy, attitude, and bite. “Promise Land” was a stunning example of her new approach, and definitely checked all the boxes. It’s a song which captivated me from the first listen, for it’s emotion and power in such a measured delivery, which resonated with me long after the video. Definitely had to look up more of her work.

In 2015 Miller released her self-titled debut, which I’ve been bumping a lot these past few days. Her performances are strong, and the record has moments which are arresting, sincere, and all-around compelling. Miller has some really evocative and tender moments, songs which bare her soul and stick with you after they’re done. “Help Me Out” is such a listen, one which has remained on my playlist for a minute. It’s alluring and somewhat seductive, a listen which feels just a bit vulnerable…and a bit dangerous. Hannah Miller has got the talent to go far.