Iglooghost – “Peanut Choker”

What a peculiar, spastic, and fun record Iglooghost has got here!

Iglooghost is the alterego of Irish electronic musician Seamus Malliagh, who has been raising the eyebrows of many with his maximalist approach to music-making, employing a hectic musical pastiche of noise, electronic beats, chipmunk-style vocals, radically-altered samples, and almost alien sound manipulations, all thrown together and somehow made to work with each other. And this eclectic hodge-podge works together well, with a clear focus, a great sense of determination, and catchy, melodic tunes. After an EP and a few singles, IG released his debut album last year, Neō Wax Bloom, and right down to the album’s cover which seems right out of a kid’s show, this record is a unique one. The album is an aural treat, a barrage of sounds which are painstakingly composed and thoughtfully executed. Each song takes you down a rabbit hole and into a wonderland of curiosity and chaos, a real journey that becomes more than just random beats. It’s definitely a record which requires some good headphones and maybe some LSD.

“Peanut Choker” caught my ear today, and to me is one of the record’s more affecting moments. The melody is mysterious, contentious, and a bit doleful, while the beat moves at a frenetic pace, making matters confusing, agitated, and nervous…almost like an aural panic attack. But the moments which resonate with me the most are right towards the end, where the beat lets up, the track calms down, and the mood is somber. Combined with the sounds of birds singing in the background, it feels like clouds are building on a sunny day. A great listen.