Injury Reserve – “Rap Song Tutorial”

Damn, Injury Reserve makes it sound so easy!

The Arizona rap trio Injury Reserve has been on a steady come up since their 2015 debut Live from the Dentist Office, absolutely killing it with their punchy beats, hooked up by producer Parker Corey, and dope flows from emcees Ritchie With a T and Stepa J. Groggs. The group has a wild, kinetic vibe, full of brazen boasts, random asides, and occasional moments of clarity, coming across like the rap game ADHD…which I’m sure is absolutely euphoric in a live set (when are y’all coming to DC next, btw?).

In 2019 the Reserve dropped their formal debut…Injury Reserve, which really has the group coming into their own. This album pretty much knocked me on my ass from the first listen, and over the last few days it’s been in constant rotation (well, digitally, whatev). The record is fun, consistent, and there’s so many great jokes, subtle jabs at the music world, and thoughtful, poignant moments. Sheeeeeiiiiitttttt, they had me going from the moment they jumped off from talking about being the dons of filesharing services like Kazaa and BearShare to jailbreaking Teslas after their come up. I’m with this!

“Rap Song Tutorial” is more of an interlude, but it still goes hard. It’s got a great beat, a hilarious take on how rap is done in 2019 (complete with the onscreen keyboard taps), and a spectacular feature from…a speech generator? Man, this has no right being as hard as it is, and when they have to stop to relish the heat they made here, you feel it too. Damn, I gotta get on my game. Look out for Sweater Vest Stunting in 2020, y’all!