Jasper Byrne – “Miami”

I think I have a new addiction.

This one came into my life at 11 AM this morning, while I sat in my cubicle, fighting to keep my eyes open and mind focused on the task at hand. The record that this particular listen comes from is an album so hazy, dreamlike, and unending, it’s absolutely perfect for a stretch at work… and even better for a humid summer day in Miami. I’m talking about Hotline Miami, the soundtrack to the indie videogame of the same name, a recent release which I’ve been enjoying quite a bit recently (check it out, it’s a bucketful of blood fun).

Yes, I can hear you balking at the fact that it’s a videogame soundtrack, and yes, I can hear you making mocking “beep” and “boop” sounds under your breath, ending with you uttering “nerd,” but hear me out when I say that this album is solid, and stands on it’s own quite well. Fitting the game’s setting of late 1980s Miami, this soundtrack kicks, featuring contributions from indie and lo-fi acts such as Coconuts, Sun Araw, Scattle, and others. It’s an smooth mix of ’80s synths and ’60s psychedelia, at once both stumbling around with heatstroke and dripping with glossy excess. Yeah. It’s a damned great listen, and there are far too many songs from this one I’ve had on repeat just today alone.

For a great introduction, I had to post “Miami,” a contribution from Jasper Byrne. An ’80s banger, this one sounds like something found out of the movie Drive. It’s evocative, stylish, and determined, like something very big is about to go down. It’s a listen which has been on my mind since seeing the game’s trailer (semi-NSFW, BTW), and hearing the full version, it’s not leaving soon.

Be sure to check out the rest of the album as well. Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.