Jimmy Cliff – “You Can Get It If You Really Want”

You ever see the 1973 B-movie classic, The Harder They Come? Think Scarface, but set in Jamaica and set in the reggae business with ganja as the drug of choice. It’s a great movie.

Anyhow, there’s a scene in it where the main character Ivanhoe Martin, the country bumpkin turned badman played by famed Jamaican musician Jimmy Cliff, tours an exclusive country club. While members look down on him, he’s feeling ten-feet tall, and spies a clean, white early ’70s Pontiac GTO convertible. It’s not his, but he decides to take it for spin and joyrides the thing around on the golf course, living his best life.

That scene is pretty iconic, and I definitely got to do the same in my life.

But anyhow, “You Can Get It If You Really Want” is a standout from the movie’s legendary soundtrack, an album which raised the profile of reggae in the United States and abroad in the 1970s. Hits from the record like “Pressure Drop” by Toots and The Maytals and Desmond Dekker‘s “007 (Shanty Town)” are old-school staples at every Jamaican party. I definitely heard these joints a lot in my life.

“You Can Get It If You Really Want” is a standout, a positive jaunt about keeping your head up and persevering, with your goals just in reach. It feels super relevant to me entering 2020 with new opportunities abound!