KING – “The Right One”

Back again to take you on another journey!

KING is a Los Angeles trio comprised of sisters Amber and Paris Strother and Anita Bias whose long, long, long awaited 2016 debut, We Are KING, being a record I’ve been really enamoured by for the past few weeks. The group caught a good deal of attention when they debuted with only a handful of songs back around 2011. One of their tracks from this time, “Hey,” caught the ear of Kendrick Lamar, as he sampled (?, or possibly interpolated) it for his track “Chapter Six” on his debut, Section.80. Anyhow, from the great response they got, KING took their time to create a follow-up and We Are KING is worth the wait. The record sounds gorgeous, full of wondrous, playful sounds, airy vocals from the group, and drawing inspirations from the heyday of R&B, sunshiney ’80s pop, and more. It’s a relaxed, confident, and bright record. It’ll definitely be one to bump once summer comes around.

“The Right One” opens the record, and what an opening it is! This track simply makes you feel good, with a sound that is lush, bountiful, and cheerful. They knock it out of the park with this absolutely wonderful listen. Let’s go on an adventure.