Lando Chill – “Black Boy Run”

The Boy Who Spoke to The Wind is the second album from the Chicago-born, Arizona-based artist Lando Chill, and it stands out as one of 2017’s most fascinating listens. Lando, who formerly went by the name of Lando Chillrissian, is a unique and thoughtful emcee whose candor is poignant and palpable, especially seen in his 2016 debut For Mark, Your Son, which was dedicated to his deceased father. For Lando, rhyming is a cathartic, reflective experience where he gets to explore his thoughts and memories, and express some, often overwhelming, feelings. For his second album he takes it a step further, and seeks to create something rather transformative. Inspired by Paulo Coelho’s classic novel The AlchemistThe Boy Who Spoke to the Wind has Lando on a personal journey of self discovery. The wind is the soul, and he is seeking truth and enlightenment in self-reflection. The album is almost meditative in its ways, revealing itself to you subtly, touching on topics such as racism, good and evil, blackness, and more.

“Black Boy Run” is a standout from The Boy, as Lando speaks to white supremacy directly, chastising the racism, the fear, and the institutional forces it uses to attack and decimate people of color. “See this black boy run” is a chant as the beat lurches forward, sounding like a chain gang with its bangs, hums and choir of voices, complemented nicely by plucked harp strings and a brief respite in an otherworldly melody. It’s an absolutely hypnotic experience, orchestrated by an immensely talented individual, and the record will definitely reign as one of the year’s most underrated releases, one you’ve got to check out.