Lazerhawk – “So Far Away”

I could say some words about this one, but instead just press play on this, close your eyes, and let your mind wander.

…okay, fine! Let me just say a bit more about this one.

Lazerhawk is an indie electronic artist who’s into synthwave, a genre of music that seems right at home in some alternate reality where the 1980s never ended and the music makers are more synthesizer than man as they ride around in Ferraris and Deloreans and battle against sentient world-controlling computers. Think the soundtrack to the movie Drive or Hotline Miami.  The music is kitschy, dramatic, excessive, and sometimes foreboding, just like the “me” decade through rose-tinted glasses combined with a lot of sci-fi, and much of it is pretty damn cool.

But anyways, back to this particular listen…HAVE YOU PRESSED PLAY YET? This track is a stunning summer burn, a very evocative one which brings images and scenes to my mind whenever I press play. To me it feels like the soundtrack to a scrubby VHS tape of a beautiful, endless beach, maybe in Miami, where the ocean is crystal clear and the horizon goes on forever, the sunlight filters in through the palm trees, bikini-clad women frolic in the waves and smooth convertibles cruise by on Ocean Drive. It’s that kind of jam, one which puts me right there in that fantasy, and I don’t want to leave. Damn, I need a vacation…for now I’ll just hit play one more time.