Lushlife (feat. CSLSX) – “Body Double”

I’ll admit, It’s been a minute I last listened to the Philly emcee Lushlife.Years ago I took a chance on his 2011 mixtape, No More Golden Days, and on first spin I was pretty impressed, digging more than a few tracks, for Lush’s energy and indie-inspired soundscapes. It’s that album I credit with providing me a much-appreciated introduction to artists such as Clams Casino and Cities Aviv. My fascination with the record ran its course, and he dropped off my radar. For about five years.

Yeah, I’ve been slacking. Well, gotta make up for lost time!

Via Bandcamp’s music blog, I came across a feature on Lush’s most recent release, Ritualize, and it piqued my curiosity. I was interested to see what the dude had been up to after all these years. Checking out the record, I’m smitten. Ritualize is a striking work, with Lush on a whole ‘nother level since Golden Days. Sonically, the album is fantastic, as the Philly electro production team CSLSX provides the aural backdrops, creating music which is expensive, engaging, and full of mystique. They sound like real productions which can stand on their own and that’s something I adore. Lush ain’t bad either, with his delivery tighter, his lyrics packing more weight, and employing solid guest features such as Killer MikeDeniro Farrar, and RJD2.

“Body Double” honestly is one track I can’t get enough of. The first 90 seconds is a terrific example of CSLSX’s talents, with a methodical, pulsating, steady build which establishes overwhelming feelings of determination and intrigue…it’s a moment which just oozes coolness, and once Lush begins, he goes off, rhyming like he’s got one shot. The musical swells, ethereal vocals, probing piano keys, and that driving bassline takes the track to higher heights, and the whole package feels like a power move. It’s a great piece of music, and once again, Lushlife has got my full and undivided attention.