Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton) – “Can’t Hold Us”

Let’s move.

We’re finally getting back into spring, and if you know me you know I love a good run. Jogging has become my livelihood since making the move to D.C. a year ago; the city is incredible with its parks and paths, and on a nice, bright Saturday afternoon there’s nothing more I like to do than to lace up and spend all day out there.  And I mean business when it comes to this, strictly business. In fact check out this article I wrote for the site GoMoment about the high I feel when I run (not that I’m advertising it or anything).

And of course, for a run I need some dope music. Cue Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

You might have heard something from their 2012 effort, The Heist. The record has been a huge hit, particularly the single “Thrift Shop,” bringing plenty of shine to the Seattle stalwart Mack, who has cultivated a hell of a following through the Internet, and his collaborative partner, rapper/producer Ryan Lewis.  The record is definitely one of those easygoing spins, brimming with positivity and danceable tracks. It’s a fun record, and I’m enjoying the hell out of this particular track.

“Can’t Stop Us” is an awesome, awesome listen. The stomps, the driving piano keys, the runaway pace—it’s literally the perfect listen for putting in miles. The track compels me to move, and to not stop for anything.  This is most def a power track that is perfect for your “feel awesome while you go fast” playlist.  Damn right I can’t be held!