Massive Attack (feat. Young Fathers) – “Voodoo In My Blood”

I can hear all 2.5 of you already: “You skipped over Mezzanine?!” Deal with it, nerds, I’ll get to Massive Attack‘s legendary record some other time.

Recap: So in the early ’90s Massive Attack came out of Bristol, UK with a new style of dance music which blended hip-hop, R&B, and dub with slower BPMs and a palpable, late-night seductiveness which caught ears on both sides of the Atlantic. They were the first coming of trip-hop, establishing a whole new style which rose to prominence in mid-late ’90s thanks to the work of groups like Portishead, and more poppier, less heavy renditions like Morcheeba or Sneaker Pimps. After hitting their peak with their third album, 1998’s Mezzanine, which hit new heights in terms of moodiness and dourness, the band’s work ebbed and flowed, with the band reappearing every few years to put out new content. In 2016 they released the EP Ritual Spirit, their strongest work in years.

But enough of that, let’s get to this song, right now.

“Voodoo In My Blood,” featuring the Scottish alternative hip-hop act Young Fathers, is fucking fantastic. Full of attitude, power, and a sense of relentlessness, this track feels driven, thanks to the great guitar work, the vocals from Young Fathers, and the pulsating, endlessly rhythmic beat. It’s feels like the soundtrack to a chase, the most badass action sequence ever. It’s addictive as hell.