Mesa Luna – “Don’t Let Go”

You know what you need right now? Some Canadian indie electronic pop!

No, wait, stick with me, these guys are pretty good!

Mesa Luna is the duo of Alex Cooper and Justice McLellan, two artists out of Vancouver who’ve started putting out their music earlier this year. I came across one of their tracks, “Waster,” a little while ago and I liked what I heard. Mesa Luna’s tunes are engaging, with the smooth vocals, the crashing electronic beats, and the moodiness on display…they’ve caught my ear, and their recently released EP Crux is one project I’d recommend checking out.

In particular, “Don’t Let Go” is one of my favorite listens from the group so far, the one track which makes me a believer. The beat is relentless, but the vocals are despondent. The track feels mysterious, collected, and tempestuous, something to vibe to. This is one of those listens perfect for a night drive to nowhere in particular, just to clear your head. I love it.