Miami Horror (feat. Alan Palomo) – “Holidays”

I have a special place in my heart for Illumination, the 2010 debut of Australian synthpop band Miami Horror.

The record is an absolutely fantastic piece of carefree pop which rocked my world way back when for it’s bouncy mood and lighthearted vibe. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an album this joyous, lighthearted and outright fun, and there are several listens here which make you want to get up and dance. It’s a tremendous record for the summer, a sublime go-to listen for good memories and spontaneous moments. Imagine chilling a beach somewhere with your friends, or riding in a car with the top down with your guy or girl, or re-enacting an Old Navy commercial where you do both of these things AND more! Either way, the album puts you in a great state of mind, and on a nice, warm day with the sun on your face this record is something you want playing forever. I’m a fan of those kinds of listens.

Anyhow, with me heading on vacation starting this weekend, and getting the hell away from work, the commute, and politics, I felt extra, extra good with this listen on repeat. “Holidays” is funky, freeing, and addictive, and I most definitely went through a phase for much of the summer of 2011, living in Florida, blasting this in the car with the windows down. No shame in my game. Time for a break!