Monophonics – “Falling Apart”

Time for a little soul.

On the first listen, you might think that the Bay Area group Monophonics is some fabled lost group from the 1960s, their record an ultra-rare groove found in the collection of only the most knowledgeable and hip crate-digger.

But nah.

Surprisingly, they’re a modern group, being on the scene for the last few years, and I’m really convinced that they have some sort of time machine because damn, their music has nailed the era down pat, and it sounds great in 2015.

Monophonics is a heady mix of psychedelia, soul, crooning,  rock, and upbeat pop with influences coming from groups like the Beach BoysFunkadelic and Sly & The Family Stone, and over the past few days the quintet has really caught my ear with their latest record, Sounds of Sinning. There’s plenty of infectious jams and moments of raw emotion and heart to be found here. It’s a record that can get your toe tapping, and in its tender moments, can get you feeling too.

And that is most definitely the vibe for “Falling Apart,” one of my favorites from the record. Slow, low, and full of emotion, and vocalist Kelly Finnigan does it nicely. I’ve had this one on repeat for a minute.