Nite Jewel – “What Did He Say”

For the last little while I’ve diving deep into Good Evening, the debut album of the L.A. artist Nite Jewel, alias of singer and songwriter Ramona Gonzalez. The record catches my ear due to her low-key, low-fi approach, all of it done herself. The tracks on her debut are for the most part quiet, understated, and distant, with her vocals coming from far out of the ether and punctuated by electronic drum patterns, staticky haze, and harsh crashes. It feels like a muted comedown, a soundtrack perfect for the end of the night, after the club, where your ears are ringing, the high is wearing off, and you just need to smoke and chill. That’s where this record comes in.

“What Did He Say” is one listen I’ve kept on repeat for a while. The track evokes a mood, and it’s perfect for the late night listen. The beat pulsates and smacks, and the melody feels mysterious, suiting Nite Jewel’s seductive performance quite well. A good evening, indeed.