Odd Mojo – “Sticky Notes”

Be you, stay true, be different…

Odd Mojo is sticking to that mantra, and her music is doper for it. Hailing from Capitol Heights, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C., rapper Odd Mojo is new to the scene and a pretty promising artist. For the last few days I’ve been bumping her newest project, Channel Yo Mojo, and I’ve been enjoying it. Mojo’s got a good heart and a strong head on her shoulders, and on the record she bares her soul, with palpable lyrics about identity, anxiety, confidence, and trying to find her way in the world. Channel Yo Mojo has Mojo getting her mind right, ruminating on her struggles, worries, and fears, and vowing to avoid mediocrity and achieve her dreams. The record has moments of sincerity and heart which are pretty poignant. The track “Worry 2 Much” opened my eyes to that fact; a spoken-word piece where Mojo’s mind races over worries of money, love, and realizing her full potential. She’s unsure where to go next. She working, waiting, and hoping to change her life, but is it the right move? Is she stuck? We’ve all asked those questions and felt those anxieties, and you appreciate her depth and vulnerability. There are other moments on the album where she comes with confidence, cool, and attitude, like on “One Time,” where Mojo knows and shows that she’s ready to shine, and you’re ready to see what she does next.

“Sticky Notes” is one such listen. Over a jazzy, old-school beat, Mojo provides a pick-me up, reaffirming to herself and to you to stay strong, be yourself, and keep on your path even when the world sucks sometimes and you’re dealing with your own problems. The beat is appropriately jazzy and relaxed, allowing for Mojo to go in like she was born for this. Daily affirmation.