P.O.S. – “Get Smokes”

This one is a mess. I love it.

Believe me when I say that I’m a complete and total fan of the Minneapolis artist P.O.S.‘s third record, 2009’s Never Better. The album rattles; it’s a damaged listen which has the punk rocker / hip-hopper delivering vivid moments of weakness and mistrust with a scrappy attitude and a complete fuck-’em-all mentality. It’s that record for when you’re riding in a shitbox with your buddies, chain-smoking, hitting the fifth of whatever cheap liquor you got, hacking your lungs out and hocking tar-filled loogies out the window while swearing at your boy cuz it’s -20 outside and the damn heater doesn’t work. It’s that kind of record, and from the first listen I’ve loved every second of it, making for a tough choice when it came to picking a specific listen from the record for tonight’s burn.

While it doesn’t have the pure paranoia and frenetic confusion of “Drumroll,” or the defiant anthem of “Goodbye,” or the moments of clarity like “Optimist (We Are Not For Them),” I think I made the right choice with “Get Smokes,” which as I have mentioned, is a total mess. This one is a glorious ramshackle mess though, one which lurches with its hacking fits of starts and stops. P.O.S. (the name by the way can stand for whatever you’d like) does the damn thing nicely, leading to a track of confusion and oddity, with plenty of awesome adlibs and a general feeling of unhinged…ness. A great track.