People Under The Stairs – “San Francisco Knights”

In 2019 the longtime Los Angeles hip-hop group People Under The Stairs released Sincerely, The P, their final record, bowing out after two decades of rapping. I gotta hand it to em, the duo of Thes One and Double K have been putting out dope hip-hop over the years, cultivating a strong underground following. While they’ve had their ups and downs, damn if they haven’t been consistent with their music!

Not named after the 1991 Wes Craven classic (which I still brought up the first time I talked about em), PUTS’s M.O. is (was…) all about rocking the party and staying true to hip-hop. The guys emphasized fun and positivity, and they kept things light throughout most of their career. I appreciate the simple and good vibes at the heart of their music, the tag-team rhymes of both emcees, and the ’90s-flavored sound.

“San Francisco Knights,” from their 1998 debut LP The Next Step is one of the group’s signatures, and a pretty great one! Even though they aren’t from the Bay, Thes and K got love for Norcal, and this track pretty much details a fun little trip up to the City. The beat here is infectious. The guitar sample is serene and peaceful, backed up with some sonorous, terrific drums and a great vocal sample. The emcees are in their lane, just kicking back, smokin’, drinkin’, rockin’ shows, and chasing women in a new, but cool place. It’s all good!

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