Raleigh Ritchie – “Bloodsport”

The goal of tonight’s post is twofold: The first is to introduce you to Raleigh Ritchie and the second is a reminder for me to watch Game of Thrones sometime in the next decade.

Okay, so Jacob Anderson is an actor hailing from the UK who is probably best known for his supporting role in a fairly popular cable series that, to be quite honest, I have little, if any, interest in watching (and there goes the last of my readers), but he’s also a singer with the talent to go far. As Raleigh Ritchie, I find myself latching onto his music, which is dramatic, evocative, and at times quite emotional and forceful, and I like what I’m hearing.

“Bloodsport” was my formal introduction to Raleigh, a tempestuous and terrific listen with the synth keys and the thundering beats, which suit Raleigh’s lamentations of a fiery relationship quite nicely. This listen most definitely gets my head nodding.