Rituals of Mine (F.K.A. Sister Crayon) – “Ride / Die”

“All I need… is a ride or die…”

Lately I’ve been putting quite bit of play on Devoted, the second album from the Cali indie group Rituals of Mine (formerly known as Sister Crayon).  Like so many other dope acts, I first came across the duo of Terra Lopez and Dani Fernandez through one of my favorite groups, Blue Sky Black Death, back in the fall of 2013 when BSBD went on their first big tour, with Sister Crayon as their accompanying act. Caught ’em in D.C. at DC9.  Crayon’s set was awesome as hell, a force of sound with both members creating the song on the fly and Lopez damn near screaming in the mic, creating an awesome listen. I’ve been following since, and their collaborations with BSBD has been dope as well.

Anyhow, last year they put out Devoted, a pretty underrated effort, but a strong one. The group takes a very DIY approach to music making, and the record strikes me as both hot and cold…detached and emotional, with wild swings between an unsettling calm and fierce moods. Lopez’s performances mesh quite well with Fernandez’s productions, and it’s an engaging project.

One of my favorite joints from the record is most definitely “Ride / Die,” one track which sneaks up on you. It’s almost aloof in feel, but mysterious, and you hang on Lopez’s vocals…right up until the last minute, where the song boils over into a transcendent conclusion. One track I’ve had on repeat for a minute. Check it out.