Run-D.M.C. – “Mary, Mary”


Run-D.M.C. played a role in my transformation from mild-mannered scrub to lifelong Hip-Hop addict and voracious music fiend (and also a slightly older scrub). I’m very much a student of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, the late ’80s through the early ’90s, and even though I’m a younger dude it was acts like Public Enemy and De La Soul which jump-started my fascination with the music and culture. I have the utmost respect for the Queens posse of Reverend RunD.M.C., and deejay Jam Master Jay. The group had a massive influence on the fledgling genre throughout the ’80s, bringing damn near endless amounts of attitude and cool to the music. Run-D.M.C. introduced rock to rap,  helped put Def Jam on the musical map, and flaunted a unique style punctuated by bowler hats, Adidas, sunglasses, rope chains and all-black tracksuits. They helped make Hip Hop a national and international phenomenon, and dropped hits and records which still bang hard today.

Tonight I felt compelled to pull a listen from one of their later records. 1988’s Tougher Than Leather, which was a pretty decent album, but yeah, it’s no Raising Hell or King of Rock. No matter, the record (hey, anyone remember the movie of the same name  that the group was in which also came out that year? I don’t) still has some great songs. And this one came to mind quite easily. Utilizing a Monkees sample, “Mary, Mary” is that one track for that person you met who you were cool with at one point, then wondering what’s up with them the next. We’ve all had that moment, and me? Right now I’m scratching my head and wondering, “Mary, Mary, why ya buggin?” No matter, this is a fun one.