Sade – “The Sweetest Taboo”

I’m just here to say y’all need to put some respect on Sade‘s name!

Sade (pronounced, Sha-DAY) is one group that earns their praise but one whom I find are somewhat overlooked when it comes to discussion of top-tier R&B acts. The UK band, composed of singer Sade Adu and musicians Paul Anthony CookPaul DenmanDave Early, Andrew Hale, and Stuart Matthewman were on a legit tear throughout the ’80s and ’90s for their smooth and sophisticated take on R&B, soul, and pop. Adu’s sultry vocals and Matthewman’s authoritative saxophone work definitely leap to mind. Right from their 1984 debut Diamond Life the group was capturing critical and commercial success on both sides of the Atlantic for their legit baby-making music. It’s sensual and cool, and Sade herself brings a rarefied, dignified, and confidently sexy vibe to the whole affair. It’s no wonder why the group has had such a following for the past three decades. They stay a bit enigmatic, and tend to return every once in a blue moon to bless us with beautiful music.

My mom loves herself some Sade, and had their cassettes on repeat while I was growing up. I definitely recall falling for some of their most well-known listens, like “Smooth Operator” and “No Ordinary Love” at an early age. As an adult I’ve come to relish the group’s discography. One more thing I’ve got to thank my momma for!

“The Sweetest Taboo” is a classic single from their 1985 record, Promise. A big hit for the group, I have some fond feelings for one; it’s definitely another listen with some deep nostalgic value to go with being a great track. It’s sophisticated and understated, it feels like some romantic getaway to an island somewhere. Terrific.