ScHoolboy Q – “Break The Bank”

I promise you one thing: If ScHoolboy Q plays this song at his show in D.C. tomorrow night (which there’s a good chance he will), I’m gonna wild the fuck out.

I mean, really wild out.

Part of the Los Angeles-based Black Hippy collective which also includes Ab-Soul and Kendrick Lamar as members, ScHoolboy Q is one rapper whom I’ve growing to be a big fan of. ScHool ain’t your typical West Coast rapper, sure you might catch him with a 40 chillin’ with the homies on the stoop, but the dude’s got plenty on his mind to say. As a father, a Crip member, and a sometimes addict (he’s been pretty vocal about his Oxycontin moments), ScHool’s life is complicated, and the music game is just another element in the mix. He’s very good at exploring these topics and more in his music, being just as thoughtful, cerebral, and complex as his labelmate Kendrick, but at times even more upfront and visceral, making tracks with a emotional heft that are perfect for banging in the whip. Just this past week he dropped his latest album, Blank Face LP, which I’ve really been enjoying, and with his show coming up, I’m hyped.

From his 2014 record Oxymoron, “Break The Bank,” if you aren’t already aware, is dope as fuck. It’s one of my favorites by Q and one of my most favorite tracks of recent memory. The song is menacing and ominous with that lone piano melody, the wails in the background, and the blunted booming notes. It’s the perfect aural backdrop for Q for completely let loose on the mic, dropping his personal manifesto of sorts, giving you a proper introduction to him, absolutely showing and proving that he’s got the talents to go far. But enough words from me, just listen to this one.