Semi Hendrix (feat. Coast Contra & 4Rax) – “Breakfast At Banksy’s”

Gotta kick off 2016 with some heat.

Semi Hendrix is the L.A. duo of rapper Ras Kass and musician Jack Splash. Kass is one of the left coast’s most underrated and strongest emcees, who’s been in the game for over two decades and still putting in work. Splash is a solid music maker with a crazy impressive resume which includes artists like Kendrick LamarAlicia Keys, and Jennifer Hudson. If you’re a fan of hip-hop, you should be happy they got together, because as Semi Hendrix (gee, I wonder where that name came from?) their only concern is to make dope rap, and their 2015 debut, Breakfast at Banksy’s, ain’t too bad at all. Ras is solid with the punchlines and commentary that gels well with Splash’s productions, which are all out funky, engaging, and pretty consistent. I dunno how their paths crossed, but I’m damn happy they’re making this happen.

“Breakfast At Banksy’s” is the opener from the album, and one joint I’ve had on repeat for the latter half of 2015. This track absolutely booms, thanks to Jack’s fearsome and all-around forceful beat, sounding like the aural equivalent of a sledgehammer to your face. Kass is no slouch either, with some pretty entertaining lines, bagging on targets like Drake and Ray J, and generally strutting around like he owns the place. It’s a pretty good listen.