Shad – “The Fool Pt. 1 (Get it, Got it, Good)”

Shad is back, and I’m crazy hella excited, y’all!

It’s been nearly five long years since the Canadian rap sensation, Shadrach Kabango, AKA Shad K, AKA Shad, has blessed us with some dope music, and hearing this new track from his upcoming record A Short Story About A War made me realize how much of a drought it’s been. You see, Shad’s appeal is that he’s a skilled, personable, and thoughtful emcee with a penchant for humor, deep ruminations, and known for his friendly, easy going style. For the past decade or so he’s been a force for substantial, feel-good rap that everyone can really enjoy. Shad always provides something that will stick with you, be it speaking on issues of race, spirituality, dark chapters of history, or hell, musing about how he used to live at home (Still a tour de force in just how hilarious it is). Shad brings heart, warmth, and a great sense of positivity to his music, and believe me, in 2018, both in rap AND real life, we need it.

Due this fall, A Short Story About A War is something of a concept record with Shad speaking about fear and the role it has on our society and in our lives. It’s a pretty damn relevant topic right now since everyone in America in 2018 is scared of something. With a few tracks on the record dedicated to a character known as “The Fool,” probably representing all of us when we get caught up in the grip of fear, Shad presents a lighthearted and jubilant return on “The Fool, Pt. 1.” When that rosy, upbeat tune came in I was grinning from ear to ear like, “WOW, it’s still possible to be happy in this day and age!”

Thank you, and welcome back, old friend.