Shad – “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home”

I’ll try not to gush here. I’ll try.

If you know me, you know I can talk from sun up to sundown about Shadrach Kabango, A.K.A. Shad K, or simply enough, Shad. Basically, he is the best rapper you’ve never heard.


Maybe we can chalk it up to the fact that he is very unassuming. Unlike damn near every other rapper out there, he doesn’t let his ego run unchecked, and lets his talent speak for itself. Shad is very much the “rapper next door,” humble and gracious. His music is very personal, and he doesn’t shy away from speaking about his joys, his fears, his aspirations and doubts…he’s not afraid to examine himself closely, even if it means confronting issues he doesn’t want to confront.

We can also chalk up Shad’s relative obscurity due to the fact that he’s from London…Ontario, as in Canada (his hometown is 90 minutes away from mineee!), and Shad easily takes the crown for the North’s rap scene, but hell, he’s one of the best rappers in the game, regardless of origin.

So he’s Canadian and down to earth, you think. So what? Well, the dude can rap. He can rap circles around the competition. He has a gift for clever and insightful lyrics, employing slick metaphors, wordplay, double (and sometimes triple) meanings, a lot of humor, and genuine intelligence and thoughtfulness. Shad really has too many quotable lines to list.

Anyway, it was easy to pick a song by Shad to post about. This one is the track that made me a legit fan of his. Everything I’ve mentioned previously about him can be heard right here. On this one, Shad speaks about his life as a 20-something living at home in his parents house (which…I can sympathize). It’s a topic most rappers wouldn’t touch with a 20-foot pole, but Shad makes the most of it, coming off as the smoothest penny-pinching player on the planet. Hilarious, and the a cappella switch-up towards the end is simply brilliant.

So yeah, listen to this right now. Really. Right now.

Originally posted on my old blog, Emaciated Wildebeest, on June 23, 2010.