Snowmine – “The Hill”


I’m hungry for new music.

For the last little while I’ve been making my rounds on Spotify, Songza, my endless music backlog (the oldest additions dating back to aught-six!) and a host of music blogs, looking to get out of my comfort zone and discover some new stuff. I’m talking music which will make me take notice…not just to hear it, but to really listen. It’s been a journey in finally checking out those bands and records which I made note of or put on the backburner many moons ago. And sometimes I’ll come across something completely unexpected, think “what the hell,” and give it a shot.

Thankfully, that lead to good times with Snowmine.

A Brooklyn-based indie pop band, Snowmine has been described as Jurassic Park’s houseband…which makes no sense, but makes sense as you listen to their 2011 full-length, Laminate Pet Animal. Their sound is lush, lively, engaging, and the vocals of lead Grayson Sanders is bright and skyward-reaching. The record is wildly imaginative and full of bold ideas and movements which caught my ear quite quickly. And I mean QUICKLY: I was on their Bandcamp moments after finishing the record’s opener, “Beast in Air, Beast in Water.”

And this…this is freaking whimsical. “The Hill” is wondrous and energetic, with sublime strings and guitars. It’s like a lively jaunt through a forest on psychedelics, where everything is in technicolor and the animals are your best friends, like some dementedly brilliant Disney flick. It’s a brilliant listen which I’ve had on repeat for a good while now.