St. Lucia – “Wait for Love”

Okay, now this listen is just too perfect for the summer.

St. Lucia (uh, the group, not the beautiful, sun-swept Caribbean nation) is the brainchild South African born, NYC-based artist Jean-Philip Grober, who made waves in the indie pop world with with his 2012 EPs, September and St. Lucia. “September” gained a slew of remixes, one version by British deejay Alex Metric earning a permanent spot on my running playlist, and leaving listeners, like myself, ready for an LP. St. Lucia delivered in spades with 2013’s When The Night, an effortless, eye-skyward synthpop gem, which has been getting a fair bit of play from me over the last few days. I’m taken in by the ’80s feel, the elastic beats, and the damned catchiness of it all. It’s just a fun listen.

And that’s what draws me in about this one in particular. “Wait for Love” is too enjoyable for its own good. This is like my own personal version of “Happy” or something, because every time it comes on the headphones I feel like breaking into some spontaneous dance routine in the middle of street. Every damn time, except unlike Los Angeles in the “Happy” video, randomly dancing here in District like some insane person is grounds to get you hauled off by the Secret Service. I dig everything about this one, from the droning synth chord that kicks off the track, to the head-nodding bass licks, the crashing drums, the guitars to end it, and hell, even Grober’s falsetto. This listen never fails to lift the mood and is definitely part of my soundtrack to the summer. I like this one a lot.