Swans – “A Little God in My Hands”

“A Little God in My Hands.” Sounds kinda messy. I hope you wash up.

Anyhow, Swans is a pretty revered experimental rock group headed up by Michael Gira. Forming in New York City in the early ’80s, the group had a notable streak through the mid-’80s with their records, definitely avant-garde and hard to categorize. They’re one of the few no wave groups of the era to survive into the ’90s and beyond (aside from a short stint being broken up from the late ’90s to about 2008 or so). Anyhow,  in 2014 they released their latest effort To Be Kind, my intro to the group and one peculiar listen. The album is pensive, exploratory, and always fascinating, and definitely a record I need to put more listens on, along with some of their earlier work.

One track from To Be Kind jumps out at me, and it’s this listen right here. “A Little God in My Hands” is a terrific song. Bold, strange, determined, and very damn loud. The tune marches along, with Gira’s lyrics like chants, creating this relaxed, almost meditative experience–


Yeah, be ready for those moments too. It creates a piece of music which is something to be experienced. A 7 minute long oddity which, all told, is a rather fun listen. Enjoy