The 1978ers – “People of Today, Act II”

Just two brothers born in 1-9-7-(T)-8…

The 1978ers are the duo of yU and SlimKat78, two DC-based artists playing their part in raising the bar for DMV (that’s the District, Maryland and Virginia) hip-hop and for warm, feel-good music in general. yU is one of my favorite emcees active right now: He’s a figure who’ll listen intently before he speaks, and when he does his words are coming from the heart and soul. Humble, intelligent, and perceptive, you take notice when he’s on the mic. He’s the king at what he does.  yU’s good friend and frequent collaborator is Slimkat78, who mentored him on making music and has been present in his music since the beginning. Both of ’em were born in ’78, and hence, you’ve got the 1978ers.

Earlier this week the duo dropped their proper debut, People of Today, a record dedicated to exploring life, the world, and everyone in it. There’s definitely a heartbeat to the album, it’s full of funky, snappy and soulful joints…plenty of headnodders but also plenty of introspection and stories, something which the duo excels at. It’s a cut above a lot of hip-hop out there right now.

One of my favorite tracks from the record is most definitely “People of Today, Act II,” which absolutely knocks. Slim expertly employs the same sample at the heart of Masta Ace‘s 1990 classic, “Music Man,” but speeds it up, allowing for yU to really go off, flexing his verbal chops to deliver the ’78er’s manifesto about bringing you nothing but the best music. I particularly like that line, “Doing our own thing, brothers far from slaves, more like two authors illustrating in the awesomest way…” Listening to this one, you know it’s the truth.