The Doppelgangaz – “Bubblin'”

The Doppelgangaz‘s EP and Matter Ov Fact are just a couple of lowlife scumbags, and trust me, they’re the first ones to let you know.

The Doppelgangaz are a wildly underrated duo who have been steadily dropping records for the past decade. Hailing from parts unknown, otherwise known as upstate New York, the duo fly under the radar intentionally, keeping an enigmatic profile but making moves, and have grown a cult fan following and a good deal of critical acclaim for their records. Their music is straight out the gutter, and I mean the gutter, as EP and Matter Ov Fact revel in the muck. I was struck when introduced to their 2011 breakthrough, Loan Sharks, which at times felt damn near like homeless rap: These guys rhymed about diving in dumpsters, drinking themselves stupid, gorging on fattening food when they could get it, moving from hood to hood, and pursuing grimy women who smelled like fish. And somehow? They made it sound fun, with some incredibly smooth, well-produced beats, and a good ear for samples and melodies. Dopp is all about keeping things low and slow, and there’s a certain mystique and old-school flair to their music I really rock with.

2017’s Dopp Hopp is on my playlist this evening, finding the duo really coming into their own with with the beats and rhymes. The production is a real jump from their previous efforts, sounding more polished and taking a few cues from mid-’90s West Coast hip-hop. It both gels and contrasts with their dirty, straight from the sewers approach. It’s really fantastic. “Bubblin'” in particular is a gem, this one feeling like the duo travelled back to 1995 South Central L.A., making for a listen that’s both ominous as hell and a summertime banger. Check it out.