The Sorority – “SRTY”

Mannnnn, I’m blown over the fact that The Sorority had to postpone their mid-May show in D.C., but best believe when they do make it down here I’ll be in the front row.

The Sorority is Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis, pHoenix Pagliacci and Haviah Mighty, four women out of Toronto who rap damn well and put on for their city hard. Their debut record Pledge is one listen you should get familiar with, because it already stands proudly as some of 2018’s finest rap.

Each emcee an established artist in their own right prior to their formation, The Sorority came together in 2016 for International Women’s Day, dropping a supremely dope rap cypher which gained them buzz around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Liking the chemistry, they collabed again to drop a cover of “Lady’s Night,” the classic ’97 posse cut by Missy ElliottLil KimTLC‘s Left EyeDa Brat, and Angie Martinez, and hey, they did it justice. By 2017 The Sorority was out and swinging, and I was curious to see what they had in store for their full-length.

And Pledge? It goes! Every member can spit, there’s a real palpable sense of sisterhood and cameradie between them, and the group hits you with attitude, energy, confidence, sexuality, and empowerment. With so many listeners and even some critics nowadays latching onto that bullshit “there can only be one”-mentality when it comes to women in rap, it’s refreshing and awesome to see a group of women who are killing it together in the rap game. And they’re coming out of my hometown? I’m with it!

“SRTY” has been on repeat for a minute. It’s a perfect introduction to what these women can do, and they do the damn thing nicely right here! Check it out, and don’t sleep on this group.