Toro Y Moi – “Harm In Change”

Toro Y Moi, Spanish and French for “the bull and me” is the alter-ego of singer and producer Chaz Bundick, who has gained recognition and praise throughout the indie music blogosphere in the 2010s, initially for his style of dreamy, lo-fi electronic pop. Some dubbed the unique sound of his 2010 debut album, Causers of This, as “chillwave,” but Bundick refutes the genre characterization, calling the project a personal affair he made in the aftermath of a breakup. From there Bundick has switched up his musical style several times over, moving away from samples and electronic fuzz of his debut and employing instruments on his acclaimed 2011 record Underneath The Pine, and later, adopting a rock-influenced sound. Hey, he even produces some pretty dope dance music on the side as Le Sins.

My introduction to Toro Y Moi was his 2013 record Anything In Return. Inspired by deep house music, Bundick adopted a slick, ’90s house and R&B type sound for his third record, making for a project that sounds familiar but is very welcome, and pretty danceable too thanks to the tempos and progressions. The record is aloof, arty, and exploratory, and all-around entertaining. It definitely got me checking for more of his music.

“Harm In Change” is the album opener, and it sounds wonderful. To me, this track feels like an escape. From the moment it starts it gives you and overwhelming feeling of motion, and Bundick’s fleeting vocals paired with the quick tempo of the beat makes you feel like you’ve got to get on the move. The chic background vocals add to the mix too, giving off some ’90s catwalk vibes (and for some reason I really, really dig that kind of vibe). This song definitely has attitude, flair, and mystique, and it’s one I’ve had on repeat for a minute. Take a listen.